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Heaven’s gate was a religious UFO cult in San Diego, California. They believed planet Earth was supposed to be recycled (wiped clean, everyone dead) and the only way to survive was to leave immediately.

They believed that their bodies were vehicles only meant to help them on their journey. They performed mass suicide, but defined this suicide as going on to the “next level”. 

They thought that there only means of escape would be to board their souls abroad a space craft that was trailing comet Hale-Bopp.

The cult rented a 9,200-sq.-ft. mansion. 

Thirty-eight Heaven’s Gate members, plus group leader Applewhite, were found dead in the home on March 26, 1997. In the heat of the California spring, many of the bodies had begun to decompose by the time they were discovered. Autopsies were carried out on the corpses, and medical examiners found the people had taken cyanide and arsenic. 

The members took phenobarbital mixed with pineapple, washed down with vodka. Additionally, they secured plastic bags around their heads after ingesting the mix to induce asphyxiation.

 Authorities found the dead lying neatly in their own bunk beds, faces and torsos covered by a square, purple cloth. Each member carried a five-dollar bill and three quarters in their pockets, said to be for interplanetary toll.

You can read more about them here in this Wiki article

Only one of the group’s members, Rio DiAngelo/ did not kill himself: weeks before the suicides, in December 1996, DiAngelo agreed to leave the group so he could ensure future dissemination of Heaven’s Gate videos and literature. 

What’s really creepy is how this reddit user e-mailed them and they responded! (click picture to enlargen)


Guys please stop emailing them. They’ve received over 250 emails, yes they are up and running still. But leave them alone for now. 

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"Badass Versions of Beloved Characters"

by Sylvain Sarrailh: http://tohad.deviantart.com/

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if i ever got sentenced to house arrest i’d just laugh at the judge

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Irina Shvayakova ~ This Maine Coon cutie’s name is Orgami

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This is the most accurate picture I’ve ever seen.

my fucking life

This happens to me and Chris all too often.

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my rides here


my rides here

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“youre always on your computer” well ur always on my nerves

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